An approach aimed at improving productivity at the restaurant.

In such a schedule-intensive sector, which deals with the general public and where customer service directly affects sales, maintaining a high level of service and optimal staff sizing is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges for restaurant chains..

Having the ideal team size at each restaurant area, in such a way that potential customers are provided with the best possible level of service, is key to build up a good reputation and achieving sales growth. ORQUEST provides the people responsible for scheduling with the most advanced analytics so that they can easily answer difficult questions such as:

  • How many customers will visit the restaurant and what time?
  • What staff should I have at the restaurant at all times to bring best levels of customer service?
  • What schedules should I define for each employee?

The solution’s innovative approach is aimed at improving the productivity of restaurant staff, avoiding having overstaff when is not necessary and guarantee it when peak visit times.
ORQUEST answering these questions accurately and simply, enabling immediate ROI to be achieved.